Improve your life with nutrition.
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Show Schedule

We love to interact with the community, teaching about the importance of food for health and longevity. Join us, sample our nutrition boosting foods and learn how you can use nutrition to support your overall health.



JANUARY  NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo    Washington, DC  10th & 11th 
JANUARY Awaken Fair   New York City 25th
FEBRUARY  New York Women's Expo   Albany, New York 25th &26th
MARCH New Life (Mind Body Spirit)   New York City 17th - 19th
MARCH Baltimore Health & Fitness   Baltimore, Maryland 18th
MARCH Awaken Fair   Tarrytown, New York 26th
APRIL Pathways Natural Living Expo   Hyattsville, MD 2nd
APRIL Fredricksburg Art & Craft Show   Fredricsburg, VA 1st &2nd
MAY Mother Earth News Fair Asheville, NC 6th & 7th
JUNE Herndon Arts & Crafts Festival   Herndon, VA 2nd - 4th
JUNE Mother Earth News Fair   Burlington, VT 10th - 11th
More Shows & Updates To Come
JULY SGK Prepper Expo   Hampton, VA 15th & 16th
JULY SoulSational Festival   Veterans Park, Bayville, NJ 25th
JULY/AUGUST Animal Rights National Conference   Alexandria, VA 31st - 2nd
AUGUST Arlington County Fair # MO8 Arlington, VA 17th - 20th
SEPTEMBER Connecticut Women's Expo #505 Hartford, CT 12th & 13th
SEPTEMBER Mother Earth News Fair #8003 Seven Springs, PA 18th - 20th
SEPTEMBER Pathways Natural Living Expo #25 Falls Church, VA 27th
SEPTEMBER Southern Connecticut Women's Expo #213 Bridgeport, CT 26th & 27th
OCTOBER Mind Body Spirit Expo #C313 Oaks, PA 2nd - 4th
OCTOBER City of Fairfax Festival #561 Fairfax City, VA 10th
OCTOBER  Fredericksburg Fall Craft Show   Fredericksburg, VA 17th & 18th
OCTOBER Circle of Sisters #117 New York, NY 17th & 18th
OCTOBER New Life Expo   New York, NY 16th - 18th
OCTOBER Metro Cooking DC #610 Washington, DC 24th & 25th
NOVEMBER Natural Living Expo #502 Marlborough, MA 14th & 15th
NOVEMBER Awaken Fair   Tarrytown, NY 22nd
DECEMBER Holiday Craft Show   Fredericksburg, Vriginia 4th - 6th
DECEMBER Metro Cooking Show #610 Washington D. C. 12th - 13th