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Teddy's Story

Everyone has a story and here is mine.

In December 2002 Nutrition Master Foods began a food wellness enterprise to strengthen people's health.  I gave "meals" a new definition. Some of our products include Breakfast Tubes™, Lunch Tubes™, Dinner Tubes™, Food Shots™, Food Shakers™, Snack Tubes™ and other alkaline foods.  

Let me take you back in time to show you how Nutrition Master Foods became my life. When I was younger, I made a good living, kept an active lifestyle and of course had a great woman to share life with. I felt as though I was invincible. I thought, nothing bad would ever happen to me. Well let me tell you, I was wrong! I was reckless with my eating habits and poor choices in liquids. I was overweight, diabetic and had heart disease.  

My health issues lead me to create one of a kind meal replacements. Meal Tubes™ turned my life around, and cured me of my personal health dilemmas. Today, my  mission is to help you get your health back on track.   

I now stand tall with a greater understanding of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. All the great life changes I made are paying off. Mind you my changes, did not happen overnight. I stopped over eating, snacking and eating out. I even eliminated sugary foods and drinks.  

Now, everything I eat is handmade. As of today, I eat two Meal Tubes™ a day, Food Shots and a regular dinner with my family. I exercise three times a week and I stay true to my teachings.

If you are looking to better your health, and would like to speak to me, please call and I will give you honest feedback.