Improve your life with nutrition.
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Your health and wellness is directly connected to what you eat.

Tilt & EatFREE SHIPPING OVER $90 Nutrition Master Foods was established by Teddy Koumarianos. His past reckless way of eating caused him to become overweight, diabetic, and depressed resulting in frequent doctor's visits. Teddy was a typical junk food addict.

You don't have to learn the hard way that the wrong food and drinks ruin your health. Teddy's research breakthroughs in the ancient ways of eating was the answer. The smart, easy, raw vegetarian meals were based on nutrition.

Teddy's mission is to share nature's nutritional meal replacements once a day. To achieve long and healthy life. Made effortless, replace one of your meals with Teddy's Tubes food every day. Teddy made it so easy for you. Don't wait for unhealthy tragedies to strike you down! FREE SHIPPING OVER $90.

Read what makes us different: What separates Teddy’s Tubes™ from ordinary foods and health cost benefits.

Take the time to explore Teddy's website and discover the many possibilities to a better lifestyle. Let him help guide you to eat a healthier diet, resolve health issues or put a plan together to lose weight. Enjoy Teddy's website and if you have any comments, or if Teddy overlook a subject matter, please email Teddy with your thoughts. We're all in this together!

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