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Get all of the nutrition you need for optimal health, in a delicious, convenient, all natural product.


Teddy's Tubes were developed by Nutrition Master Foods. The tube design came from research based on the Ancient Greek armies (300 Spartans), Roman armies, American Indians and the Egyptian (Farrell) armies' eating habits. These ancient civilizations fed their armies the best foods on earth to give them strength, awareness, and endless endurance. Their meals were small amounts of dry foods every few hours.

The valuable research Nutrition Master Foods discovered will change the way you think about eating.

fruit and nutsOur research found that the most common food source back then was dry vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, fish and cooked meats. We have evaluated these nutritional food sources that absorbs quickly in your body. The body metabolized these ingredients in this order: fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts then seeds. The meat took the longest time to metabolize.

A normal person's stomach holds around 12oz of food. When you consume more than this, you start stretching your stomach wall which causes discomfort that could last a while. To stop you from over eating and to maximize nutrition, we made the Teddy's Tubes™. Drink 6 to 8 oz of liquid with these tubes and you will stay full for 4 to 5 hours. This convenient Tube™ manages your food intake to optimize the speed of nutrition that takes the guess work out of your nourishment.

Don’t let the size of Teddy's Meal Tubes™ fool you. We feed you tasty, nutritious foods by the ounce not by the pound. These meal tubes can deliver great satisfaction in small amounts of foods because the ingredients are whole raw ingredients with no fillers. Teddy's meals utilize alkaline foods and digestible enzymes using the whole vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices to help boost your metabolism and boost your immune system for peak performance.

Teddy gave each meal an easy name to remember: Breakfast Tubes™, Lunch Tubes™ and Dinner Tubes™. They are Vegan, Raw, and Gluten Free with no added GMOs, chemicals, food fillers, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones or refined sugar.

Teddy prepares your foods the old fashioned way.  

Teddy also made a special blend of snacks for extra energy - Food Shots™. To solve your sweet cravings, the Chocolate Crunch Tubes™ and the Fruit Tubes™ are your answer to a unique treat. Instead of butter, see how we change the look of today's butter with Grainy Gourmet Oil™. Take any of your current foods to a higher level of balanced nourishment with Food Shakers™. Food Shakers™ helps to neutralize acidic foods with clean alkaline foods on whatever you eat –pizza, fish, meats, vegetables to French Fries.

You do not need a full plate of food every time you get hungry. Stop over eating, it overwhelms your body. Take advantage and replace one meal every other day or better to have one meal a day with Teddy's Tubes™, it's that easy and convenient. Teddy's Tubes™ can be eaten at any time of the day, and you can mix or match them. Read more about how Teddy's Tubes™ redefine food logic with all the other healthy food products that Teddy recommends.

Nutrition Master Foods’ ingredients come from All American Pharmaceuticals and Natural Foods. Do not let their name fool you. All American Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer of dietary, food and nutritional supplements.